Saturday, January 15, 2011


After taking possession of the boat we spent some time really getting to know her inside and out. During the pre-purchase survey and inspection we noted several wires with no ends, and made a mental note to explore these at a later date.

After tracing the path of numerous of these “dead end” wires to both ends (wouldn’t want to rip out something that had just come loose!) we started the removal process. The photo shows the result… 345 ft of wiring removed!!! (yes, we measured it all)

Holding all these wires in place… zap straps (or tie-wraps as they are sometimes called). As new wiring was added to the boat a new zap strap was added to hold it in place, but none of the old ones were removed. In the end we removed an astounding 252 zap straps (it’s sad, but yes we counted them) of various sizes and we have not had any impact the security of the remaining wiring!!! 

Our project / wish list has ballooned to a whopping 146 items ranging from the critical (get a dodger, fix the 2 major deck leaks) to the dreamy (get towels with Syrah embroidered on them). Stay tuned for further BOAT PROJECT updates…


  1. I know the feeling, my list is long too! The Seattle Boat Show is going on now so we're accumulating projects, gear, and supplies.

  2. Hi our boat it exactly the same! We just brought Anchee III, November 2015, we have started pulling the old wiring out and wondering if we will ever get to the end!


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