Friday, December 3, 2010


After our great trip up from Seattle we checked in with Canada Customs over the phone and were cleared into the country with nothing more than a bunch of questions and the instruction to pay our Duty and Taxes the next day. We spent the night in Victoria by the Empress Hotel and had some friends drop in for a “welcome home” visit.

The next day we made the short trip from Victoria to Sidney; during which we experienced a more typical west coast type Autumn weather… rain! During the week at the Port Sidney Marina (for sale for $22.5 million) we survived four serious wind storms in just seven days with no damage! Some other boats were not so lucky…


Finally the day came for the voyage to Nanaimo. The tides were in our favour, and the wind had calmed down, but the weather… well it wasn’t wet, but “white”!

A few photos of the journey…

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