Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A little while ago when we decided to change our course and join the sailing & cruising fraternity we knew we needed to find the right boat. Never having owned a boat, and not knowing anything about sailing, we started our search by looking at pictures on Yachtworld and noted the boats we thought were either attractive or functional. A couple of weeks later we narrowed the list substantially after discovering several forums containing lists and suggestions of what a "bluewater" boat should be... and blue, warm, tropical water is definitely in our future! 
Over and over we came back to Hans Christian, well known for being a very solid and seaworthy boat. We were both attracted to the traditional look of the long sheer leading up to the bowsprit, as well as the warm, elegant teak interiors. With their very functional designs and, most importantly, the 6'3" headroom, it was easy for us to imagine living aboard and having a lifetime of adventure on one of these boats.

We were initially interested in the Hans Christian 43 and we were fortunate to have an opportunity to view several in varying conditions (including the bristol condition s/v Apropos!). As we delved into the buying process we found that the financial burden of the HC43 was going to be too much for our budget so we expanded our search to the smaller Hans Christian models, 41, 38 and 33. When an HC38MkII design showed up on Yachtworld in fantastic condition, and at a price we could afford, we decided that this was going to be our boat.

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